GAMEboys calendar preorders are open!

Jak’s Storenvy

Good news everyone! Now you can preorder the GAMEboys calendar through my Storenvy link above! There are 3 options, just like last time.

A physical copy of the calendar, mailed to you.

Just the hi-rez files of each page, e-mailed directly to you. (I ask that anyone who do this.. PLEASE don’t upload the files online anywhere. You can show them to your friends and have them as your desktop wallpaper, but please consider the hard work that went into each page, and if you love the art and want to support the artist, that would be really appreciated.) <3

SPECIAL EDITION physical copy of the calendar mailed to you PLUS a sketch of 1 character of your choice (pre-existing characters only, no oc’s or custom characters). Only 50 are available!

They are going to ship in the middle of August! The people who order the physical copies will also be getting a copy in the e-mail they use to pay with Paypal with. (If there is a different e-mail you want to use to get the files, please note in the paypal notes section when you go to pay.)

Please reblog and spread the word and as always, thanks for your constant love and support. I think you all will really love this one. <3

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