Current Silver Fox Calendar Voting Results

**UPDATE SEPTEMBER 29** Tallied the votes again! Joel is in a stunning lead! Fans of the 999/Virtue’s Last Reward series discovered the post and put Ace on the map!  Sirius Black, Wolverine and Damon Gant aren’t far behind!  Someone voted for Chairman Kaga?!?!



(If you don’t see one you voted for on this list, it’s because you’re the only one whose voted for it so far!)  The voting goes until October 10th so make sure your votes get in by then!

WTF is this post all about?!?!? Click the link below for the deets!

Make sure to remind yourself & your friends to vote on this post ONLY! (on Tumblr!)


Joel LoU - 28

Idris Elba - 23

Victor Sullivan - 23

Dojima -  20

Thranduil - 19

Picard - 10

Hannibal - 10

Cid Highwind - 10

Hellboy & Abe Sapien - 9

Anderson Cooper - 9

Auron - 9

David Bowie/Goblin King - 8

The rest are under a cut!

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